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PC Repair

Need your PC repaired or installed?

Outpost-IT PC Help is one of the most affordable computer repair shops in Salangen. You can check the prices on computer repairs in all other repair shops, but you will find that we have great prices! Our staff has extensive experience and we provide maximum service.
All PC repairs from 200 kr to 800 kr, and not more!
We are open from 10:00 to 14:00 from Monday to Saturday or by appointment.
No need for an appointment, you can come in anytime between 10h and 14h.
We also take home appointments, contact us if you need one.

What can we do for you:
* We solve approx. 90% of computer problems in an hour.
* Some people are afraid to ask for help because they feel that they are illiterate when it comes to computer equipment. By asking you a very simple question, our technicians know exactly what the problem with your computer hardware and perform the repair on the basis of this.
* Should you not be able to answer questions, fear not, we will NOK manage to solve the problems anyway.
* Lowest price fixing computer hardware is 200 kr and our highest award for fix computer is 800 kr. So the total cost to repair the computer should not exceed 800 kr. We will try to solve all problems with your computer
PC and laptop repair, data retrieval and network:
Outpost IT - PC Help is your first choice for repair of laptop and desktop computers, data recovery and setup of your home/company network. We provide professional service for PC and network, it is what we do - every day.
As a result, we can solve your problem quickly, on time and at a reasonable price.

Our background:
Outpost IT - PC Help has professional specialists and we can provide complete service and quality on computers, desktops and portable.
Our technicians have experience in troubleshooting and repair virtually any brand PC's, and laptop computers, including Dell, IBM, HP, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu Siemens, Gateway, E-Machines, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Micron , NEC and many more, including related products.

Outpost IT - PC Help can help with installing hardware, memory (RAM), modems, hard drives, processors, motherboard, sound card, video card, power supply, network card, wireless card, computer cases, disk drives, optical devices, etc. PC Repair, Laptop Repair, Servers Upgrades, virus removal, spyware, obtaining Password, wireless networks, wired networks, operating systems, Data Recovery, Hard Drive Recovery & Backup solutions.
Some systems require parts that are not available anymore, or components that are surface-mounted chips that can not be replaced.

Outpost IT - PC Help repairs about 95% of the laptops that come in to service. But there are some laptops where we need to replace a major component rather than repair it because the part is not available or because of extensive damage to the device (or damage beyond repair). This can cause the price of repairs to exceed a reasonable price. In this situation, we recommend that you consider replacing the laptop instead of having it repaired.